The Jermaghbyur Geothermal Power Plant will be Armenia's largest geothermal power plant having an installed electric capacity of 150 MW. It will be situated in Syunik Province of Armenia.

Low-potential sources of geothermal power were founded in Garni, Arzni,Jermuk, Ankavan and Sisian. The geothermal power can be utilizedfor heat-supply, heating of hothouses, residential buildings and industrial enterprises.

"Ameria" CJSC was contracted by World Bank Energy Invest PIU to develop a detailed feasibility study for the construction of "Jermaghbyur" geothermal power plant in Syunik Marz of the Republic of Armenia. The study was carried out in the scope of the process aimed at diversifying energy resources in Armenia and achieving a higher level of independence from the importing energy sources. The document, elaborated by Ameria consultants, proved the strategic importance and effectiveness of utilizing geothermal energy in Armenia, as well as the investment attractiveness of the overall project. Geothermal energy is considered as an effective resource for heat supply and generation of electric power. Today geothermal plants with the total heat production capacity of 12000 MW operate in more than 30 countries. The geothermal plants generate also electric power with the total capacity of 8000 MW. The share of geothermal energy in the world installed capacities is 0.4%.

"Jemaghbyur" station, which commissioned in 2008-2009, is a unique project. It does not have any analogues in the region and will positively differ from the majority of other energy generation capacities, especially in its renewability of resources, independence of importing energy sources, as well as in the minimal environmental impact.

The feasibility study of the project has indicated that the station based on 6 direct wells with the depth of up to 2.5 km each can have a capacity up to 25 MW and generate up to 195 mln KW/hour electric power a year.

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